about me


dni / byf

about me !!

  • nyx ! nikola ! moriet !

  • fae ! fleur ! ne ! he ! she

  • demiromantic, greysexual, agender & pansexual

  • autistic | mexican

comfort characters!

  • kageyama tobio

  • hinata shoyo

  • miya atsumu

  • tsutomu goshiki

  • emma & ray

  • yuji itadori

  • shun kaidou

  • reki kyan

  • hange zoë

  • chūya nakahara

kins & bias !!

ash lynxugetsu
  • yoongi, jungkook, taehyung & hoseok (bts)

  • hueningkai, taehyun & soobin (txt)

  • cya, dongmyeong & yonghoon (onewe)

  • wendy & seulgi (red velvet)

  • wheein & solar (mamamoo)

  • jeongyeon, chaeyoung, sana, jihyo & mina (twice)

  • yey & yongseok (black6ix)

  • niki & jungwoon (enhypen)


  • bts

  • txt

  • mamamoo

  • twice

  • onewe

  • red velvet

  • enhypen

  • black6ix

## DNI !!

  • fit basic dfi criteria (racist, homophobic, ableist, sexist, pedophile, antisemitic, etc)

  • if you consider yourself animesexual/mangasexual or map

  • sexualize minors (fictional and non fictional)

  • mock people's triggers & pronouns

  • if u are a trump supporter

  • don't support blm, acab, feminism, pro-abortion

  • make fun of other cultures

  • support invasion of people's privacy (public figure or not)

  • support bi/pan lesbians

  • if you use the whole top, bottom, uke, seme thing get out of here rn /srs

  • -13 or +20 unless i follow first

  • if you are a bully/anti or just like to harass people, public image or not, get out rn /srs

  • if u force ur religion in others just get out pls /gen

  • if you dont support nonbinary & he/him lesbians, also if you dont support aroace people

  • if you seriously hate my comfort characters just dont interact pls

## byf !!

  • pls avoid talking about weight, body image or sizes with me /srs

  • PLEASE NOTE: my pronouns in any other language that isn't english are both the equivalent of "she/her" & "he/him" though in spanish i go by "elle, ella, el"

  • dont be afraid to tell me if i made u uncomfortable ! /gen


  • i dont feel comfortable with sexual jokes, so please avoid making them when you're talking with me

  • i rt & swear a lot

  • dont call me girl, queen, sis, boy, male, stuff like "theybie", and don't use my neopronouns as a nickname

  • i don't mind if u tag me in things you think i might like & if u dm me (tho im not good at dms, i rather interacting on the tl)

  • sometimes i dont reply quickly and sometimes i do, but it isnt anything personal !! /gen

  • don't use he/she pronouns with me if we aren't moots on my priv acc (@hangesluvc)

  • nicknames are fine as long as they're not offensive or if i dont feel comfy with them (i'll tell u if i dont feel comfy)

  • dont anti any group i like pls

  • don't be rude pls /srs

  • know your boundaries. /srs

  • pls tw self harm, abuse, suicide, sexual assault/ harassment, eating disorders, tarantulas & syringes